Ms. Fitness Article By Rita Wilds-From War to Wellness

1 12 2008

Cover of Ms. Fitness Magazine

Cover of Ms. Fitness Magazine

Article by Rita Wilds
From War To Wellness-An Article on Aaron Guyett and his company Innovative Results

From War To Wellness-An Article on Aaron Guyett and his company Innovative Results



The Genesis of PIVADRUM-Innovative Results and Aaron Guyett’s Technique for Successful Change

1 12 2008

Innovative Results’ & Aaron Guyett’s Spirit-The Hidden Solution to Endless Achievement

Aaron Guyett is one of the Nations Top Trainers, as said in Ms. Fitness Magazine

Aaron Guyett is one of the Nation's Top Trainers, as said in Ms. Fitness Magazine

Genesis is part one in an unknown number of literary pieces for Innovative Results’ and Aaron Guyett’s Spirit—The Hidden Solution to Endless Achievement. Genesis is the first book of the bible, giving account of the biblical Christian’s creation. It also means, the way in which something comes to be. I firmly believe the majority of the beings on earth (and possibly the beings in the universe) are blind to what is happening here and now. It seems everyone is fighting or struggling for a piece of the pie, when one need only relax and just be, creating peace and tranquility through thought and knowledge of self and the universe. Now, Genesis can take on a new meaning. One of new creation, formation, origination, and/or evolution of self in order to see and believe in the endless possibilities which are you.
Understanding the Concept
The hidden solution, code, mystery, or hidden source to success is to adjust one’s psycho-cybernetic mechanism through neural reconditioning by PIVADRUM, which creates cataclysmic change through creative streaming.
To achieve endless success or enlightened oneness with the source (energy, universe, god) or whatever else one may call it (infinite love, ultimate achievement, unlimited freedom, etc.) one need only look as far as oneself. Life and our interaction with life is created by our perception through an infinite source or being. This agrees with religion and science, god and the big bang, energy and universe. Simply put we and the things around we are energy and movement of this energy in a field of nothingness. This means the energy is either a creation of god or it is the movement from an infinite source called “the big bang.” No one can answer as to what was there before god or before the big bang, but I can try.
Only consciousness or an infinite thought without the constraints of time and space.
Why create physical manifestations with time and space, simple—why not? I cannot give you a thesis or a word that says it any better, and I think even if I devote my entire (limited) physical and (theoretically unlimited) spiritual life to this answer, I am guessing it wouldn’t come out any better. Now we can move on to oneself again.
Again I say, this limited physical life is only our perception. We are not our brain. We are not our body. We are not our superficial clothes, cars, properties, etc., but we do use this to define us to ourselves. If you think you will be successful when you own a Ferrari, then when you own a Ferrari, you will be successful. If you believe what someone else’s belief is for success, then you need only live up to his or her expectations. So I say let us define ourselves with endless possibilities—it is our birth right in this physical universe of time and space.
If that was amusing, then strap yourselves in for an even more interesting ride!
Psycho-Cybernetic Mechanism
One’s brain is a psycho-cybernetic mechanism, especially the part of the brain that is one’s subconscious. The subconscious controls most of what one does. If it did not most of us would be an inactive drooling mess concentrating on just moving from one place to another. Without even thinking consciously your brain performs a symphony of functions in a blink of an eye—digestion, blood pumping, breathing, scratching, balancing, dreaming, visualizing, reading, thought, answering, and much more—and that was just to answer a question posed on this paper. Why? Just try to imagine the processes one goes through on a daily basis. Now, knowledge of this is imperative for how to adjust one’s psycho-cybernetic mechanism. A cybernetic mechanism is a machine that creates homeostasis. Like a thermostat in a room, a cybernetic mechanism will perpetuate or try to perpetuate whatever is programmed into that machine. For instance if one programs a thermostat for 72 degrees, the thermostat will activate the heat or cooling for that room depending if the room is getting warmer or colder. The subconscious does this as well.
Think about what you eat for lunch as an example. If all one knows is fast food one’s body and brain will think about fast food lunches, prepare for fast food lunches, see fast food lunches, and eat fast food lunches until the psycho-cybernetic mechanism is changed to think, prepare, see, and eat a different type of lunch. So how would one change their psycho-cybernetic mechanism?
Neural Reconditioning
This is reconditioning the sub-conscious to think, prepare, see, and perform what one’s desired objective is. As an example think of the time when a new car is purchased, do you start seeing that car more often, or better yet, think about when you really want a new car. You haven’t even bought the new car, yet you start seeing it everywhere. Does this mean you created new cars in your head? No, but now your subconscious mind is looking for these cars, whereas before it was not needed information or programmed information for your subconscious.
Neural reconditioning is the creation of highly functioning, often used neural pathways inside your brain, which create certain chemicals and biological processes for the brain, forming a continually used thought or direction of thought. This neurological pathway should take the place of the other pathways and therefore atrophy the pathway which is not used. Using the example one would create a neurological web of pathways for the consumption of healthy foods bought from the store and made for lunch daily. This neural reconditioning can be formed in many ways, and is more successful if there is emotion and creative streaming (or different methods for differing senses). I have created a system called PIVADRUM, which includes as many angles as possible to reach the subconscious in repetition.
PIVADRUM is an acronym, which stands for Prayer (or Positive talk), Imagine, Visualize, Affirm and Declare, Recondition, Understanding (your current emotion/feeling), Meditate. I will show you the path, but you have to be the one that chooses to walk on it. I would love to talk about our PIVADRUM in our weekly interactions.
Prayer or Positive talk
This is a written, read, and said (OUT LOUD) intention in the present tense. It is usually expressed as a thank you or at least with gratitude. The prayer is broken into what you are thankful for, what you have done (which is really what you want to do), the reciprocation of values you want/have/give, why you do what you do, and ease of the process through oneness with the source of divinity (whatever you believe it to be). Here is one as an example:
I am grateful, thankful, and appreciative of every moment! I love life! I am thankful for my global business; my happy, loving, and abundant family; my knowledge and thirst for knowledge, which grows incrementally as time goes on. I have made many accomplishments! I love you; I am loved. I am happy for you; I am happy. I am happy you are abundant; I am abundant! I am love, happiness, and abundance! I live for myself, my family, and my business because I am remembered for the love, happiness, and abundance I give the universe. The universe reciprocates my contributions! The source is kind and gentle in the lessons for my life, and I am closer to the one that is the source: lord, god, energy, universe, life, love, force, unity.
Then I go into Imagine. This is where I imagine the endless or infinite possibilities of my life. It can be difficult, but I do it by seeing my standing with the ability to move in any direction, or I try to imagine that everything is made up of the same energy at a subatomic level, which can be changed by my mind’s/spirit’s thoughts.
Now, my favorite, time to Visualize, this is where I play a movie in my head, where I have the lead role, and I am in the future, doing the things I want to do and having the things I want to have. I would write mine down but it would take forever to explain because it has become so detailed. The more detailed the better, because your subconscious perceives it as real.
Affirm and Declare
Then I go through a few positive Affirmations and/or Declarations such as: I am love, happiness, and abundance (or I have it/give it). I am at one with the source. I have a strong body, mind, and spirit, which has unconscious competence (this is a new one! ), etc.
Recondition by writing it down
Now I write down whatever comes to my mind and then Recondition by reading it, or by looking at pictures/video/words of what I want/have/give. Even smelling familiar or similar smells associated with the objective.
To Understand, I just ask myself how I feel in the present moment, and then answer with whatever comes to mind (keeping it positive, even if something bad is going on): I feel excited, loved, energized, and satisfied! or I feel grateful that I have an opportunity to achieve love, happiness, abundance in this moment and in the future. (Thus recognizing the present moment isn’t going well, but knowing that without it I would not be human and achieving success wouldn’t be satisfying.
The last step is to Meditate. It could be three cleansing breaths long or for an hour at a time. I use one of two different methods. Either I focus on my breathing for about 12-20 breaths trying to “cleanse and strengthen” my body and mind with each breath or I use Holosync, which is a technology putting your brain in an Alpha, theta, or delta wave-state (for more info check out

Every item above should be performed with extreme emotion (notably positive), which will help the neural connections fuse faster, and become larger. (just like traumatic events can create massive mind issues, like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or winning records) All of this takes about 5-20 minutes (or an hour plus with Holosync) depending on my time available and the detail I use for the different methods.
Have fun with PIVADRUM a few times a day (four is a great number: once in the morning when waking, twice in the afternoon, and once right before bed) and I can’t wait to hear about your progress!

Chirstin Pertel’s Week in Review 11/24-11/28

29 11 2008

Monday 11/24
YEA! New week. I wish I had a more time over the weekend that was not consumed by work (average of 21hours). The only good thing about it is (aside from the money) that I don’t think about food as much. The busier I am the easier it is. The worst thing I can do, is to be doing nothing, watching T.V., and make laps around the kitchen.
Total Calorie: 980

Tuesday 11/25
I’m house/dog sitting this week. Good times. I get extra cardio every day when I take the dogs on their walks (2, 20 min walks), and although the owners said I can help myself to whatever I wanted in the fridge and pantry, Its great that there is nothing there. The fridge is empty, and the pantry doesn’t have much of anything. The only thing that is full is the liquor and beer, But I’m not drinking, so its not even a temptation.
Total calories 1,085

Wednesday 11/26
Getting stressed. I’ve been alone in a strange house for almost three days and I’m getting a little cabin fever. I’m a very social person and having alone time is great, but this is too much for me. So what do I like to do when I’m stressed? Eat. duh. But I’ve been good, went to the store and got some fresh fruit and veggies to snack on. Also got some fixings for apple pie, I have three different places to be for Thanksgiving, so its my contribution. PS. It will take a few hours to do, so being busy will help my stress. Oh yea, my boyfriend is coming over and that will help the most.
Total Calories: 1,265

Thursday 11/27 Thanksgiving
No real comment. I was as good as I could be. I did not go for seconds, and I only ate “Thanksgiving dinner” at my sisters house. I did snack at the other two places I went, but kept it to veggies and fruit, except for our last location, I had a small slice of the apple pie I made. I never felt like I over did anything.
Total Calories: ???

Friday 11/28
Back to killing it!!! Started the day with an ass kicking, calorie burning workout. Spent the day cleaning the house that I house/dog sat for, and a long night at work. Committed to my goals!!!
Total Calories: 1,055
Total weight: l86Lbs

Aaron Guyett’s 6 Weeks to Ultimate Explosive Power, Strength, and Hot Body.

25 11 2008

This stemmed from an idea Corey Beasley had. “If we could show the clients and potential clients what can happen when someone focuses all of their efforts towards a clear goal, and make it real, maybe the people we care about will have an easier time doing the work.”

We all know there are obstacles, pitfalls, and life that happens on the way to our goals, and I will be sharing that as well. I run one of the most busy lifestyles I know. Very little sleep, a lot of social interaction, merging businesses, training clients, donation of time and money to the needy, and general help for friends. That being said, I know I have to make time to keep up with the latest and greatest on the single market. I not only want the physical edge, but the mental, emotional, and spiritual edge as well. Therefore, I work for it. Here is how it goes.

Week 1- November 16 – 22

Aaron out and ready for the 6 weeks to start!

Aaron out and ready for the 6 weeks to start!

The workout is a 6 day progression that I have never tried before. I start the week with Explosive Power (this is mostly form and nervous development), move into Pure Power (this is bio-chemical body enhancement through true physiological stress), and then I continue stress, overreaching/overtraining for a purpose through isolated muscular development. Everyday I work my full body, and the stress comes in twos. Monday and Tuesday-Explosive Power (Olympic lifts and plyometrics), Wednesday and Thursday-Purified Power (Basic Squat, Deadlifts, Bench, Pull-up, Lunges, etc.), Friday and Saturday-Isolated Antogonist (Bicep-Tricep, Quad-Ham, Back-Chest, Calves-Shoulders, Abs-Low Back/Butt) All of this is progressively overloaded.

Recovery is the most important aspect. Sleep when I can, eat as much as possible, and monitor weight and strength often.

After the week is over, I realize…I need more sleep, I need to eat more, and I should drink less coffee.

Week 2-

Posing is stupid!

Posing is stupid!

The above lighting is crappy, not a true pic.

I need more food! Sleep is way better. This week is crazy hectic! I am training 90 clients. I am training Jesse Sadoff’s clients, and Michael Foster’s clients while they are on vacation. Overall great week! I ate everything I could on Thanksgiving Day, and gained a couple of useful pounds. I haven’t been keeping up with the calorie intake, so I am weighing in at 205 solid. I am working for 210 solid and a power clean of 315 pounds. My sleep is very consistent and helping me with my soreness, which is out of control. Looking forward to killing it in business and the gym next week. Only 4 more left until the beginning of a New Year!

Week 3- November 30 – December 6
My week started with not enough eating and no working out; however on Tuesday eating went as it should (about 3000 calories), but my scheduled got a bit tweaked and the workout fell to the wayside. I really wanted that workout too! Wednesday I will kill it. Explosive start and Power finish! Picture time Wednesday as well!

Dang! Sarah ran me through a pretty good workout! I don’t think she realizes how far I can be pushed; however, I will be very sore tomorrow! Thank you, Sarah. Here is the pic. My weight is 206 and I haven’t maxed my Power clean yet. 3 more weeks!

Lighting is better, but overhead lighting makes me look huge!

Lighting is better, but overhead lighting makes me look huge!

Join the Movement Revolution!

25 11 2008

Stand up and fight back!

Join me in the movement revolution…we are strong and we move all day every day. We win because we are the confident, courageous, unstoppable, healthy, and well!

I am talking about no more illness, crippled, obese, overweight, or sedentary humans. We were not here to be stagnant, rotting, sorry beings. We are here to MOVE!

Join me in the movement revolution. We will take a stand by being the example to all of those who are just merely desiring loss of fat, six packs, improved performance, reduced stress, hot looks, and sexy asses! We will overcome! We will be the action needed to manifest our success!

For more information call 714-469-9338 and say you are here to join the movement revolution!

Join the Movement Revolution!

Join the Movement Revolution!

Message From The Crossing’s Time Celek Hits Home For Innovative Results

25 11 2008

He said the difference between a dangerous church that really puts the love of Christ out there and a church that just follows the norm to barely get by is this: pain, risk, and loss.

Amazing message Tim! He captured my heart spiritually and motivated me in my business.

It is the same with a person who needs to lose weight, get healthy, and look good. There are a few ways you will know you are well on your way to the body, mind, and spirit you desire. The first is PAIN.

It will take some work, as well as it will take someone with the will to overcome obstacles, challenges, and uncertainty. In other words when the pain comes, you can either endure it, fix it, or run away, but let it be known if you run away it will only be more painful the next time. Worse yet, it will hurt a lot worse when you die physically, mentally, or spiritually from not changing. After pain is dealt with, it must also be known that risk is a huge part of the change.

Risk is when you go out on a limb to try something you have never done before to get something you’ve always wanted, you’ve never had, or you are trying to earn back. For some this means a coach, trainer, program, etc, and for all it means changing a lifestyle. Now the only thing left is loss.

Not only the loss of weight, but the possibility of losing a lifestyle, some friends who really weren’t friends, or worse yet your precious desserts (insert most desired lifestyle that currently keeps you down). These seem like good things and good loss, but I have witnessed many people revert back to their old ways, allowing the weight, low self-esteem, and lack of positivity creep back into their life. This is perhaps the worse of the three ways you know you are on the right track.

Get ready for some PAIN, RISK, and LOSS, and take the next step to get what you have always desired.

Thank you Tim and The Crossing for placing fruit in my life

Tim Celek working through his pain, risk, and loss.

Tim Celek working through his pain, risk, and loss.

Questions About the Last Little Bit of Fat

25 11 2008


Rita Wilds showing off for Innovative Results

Rita Wilds showing off for Innovative Results

From: Anonymous
Date: Sep 13, 2008 8:12 AM


I just read your blog about success….
loooooved it!

I am a BIG believer that if you can dream, vision it….anything is possible! Great Job on achieving your vision!!

Anywhooo….Aaron…I need some advice, man….

I attend a gym right now and CAN NOT seem to get rid of the last 15 lbs I have been dying to get rid of.

I think I have plateaued. AND, have gotten discouraged about
After we got back from a two week vacation/no sleep(We stopped in Idaho!I hadnt been back in 10 years!!)
I was exhausted from the trip and needed to get our daughter and me used to her new Kindergarten schedule….Now,it has been at least two weeks since I have been in the gym AND lets not forget the 2 weeks of vacation….for a grand total of 4 WEEKS that I have not been to the gym…..which is crazy for me. I love the way it makes me feel. Now that everyone is good with the new schedule I will drop off Van at school and head to the gym….

What can I do to get over that plateau?
I LOVE high impact and enjoy pushing myself…But what am I doing wrong that I cant lose that extra weight??
Any advice, Aaron!?



I will give you my top three pieces of advice…

1. forget about the 15 lbs.
Do you look good? Do you feel good? Are you healthy? These are important. Some symbols on a scale should never control you thoughts.
2. Discipline
Four weeks is a long time…not to worry though, you will adapt and overcome, because of your attitude. Stay positive about it, and don’t ever say I can’t lose the 15lbs again (you actually had CAN NOT in caps above). Think, “I have just been given the opportunity to lose some bodyfat,” making you an even more efficient and even hotter human being! 🙂
3. Recovery with fuel
Is your eating going with or against your work in the gym. Are you eating 4-6 meals per day that do not exceed the amount of calories you burn every day? Are you eating the foods that will give you maximum efficiency or are they foods that only give immediate “feel good” reactions? Is your sleep and water intake in amounts that create a healthy environment for your fitness to make the impact you are desiring? If not, analyze, improve, and control.

I really hope this helps. If you need more help, I could help you find a professional in your area. 🙂 Look forward to Innovative Results online training and nutrition site. You can also check out while you wait for our site to be developed.