Aaron Guyett’s 6 Weeks to Ultimate Explosive Power, Strength, and Hot Body.

25 11 2008

This stemmed from an idea Corey Beasley had. “If we could show the clients and potential clients what can happen when someone focuses all of their efforts towards a clear goal, and make it real, maybe the people we care about will have an easier time doing the work.”

We all know there are obstacles, pitfalls, and life that happens on the way to our goals, and I will be sharing that as well. I run one of the most busy lifestyles I know. Very little sleep, a lot of social interaction, merging businesses, training clients, donation of time and money to the needy, and general help for friends. That being said, I know I have to make time to keep up with the latest and greatest on the single market. I not only want the physical edge, but the mental, emotional, and spiritual edge as well. Therefore, I work for it. Here is how it goes.

Week 1- November 16 – 22

Aaron out and ready for the 6 weeks to start!

Aaron out and ready for the 6 weeks to start!

The workout is a 6 day progression that I have never tried before. I start the week with Explosive Power (this is mostly form and nervous development), move into Pure Power (this is bio-chemical body enhancement through true physiological stress), and then I continue stress, overreaching/overtraining for a purpose through isolated muscular development. Everyday I work my full body, and the stress comes in twos. Monday and Tuesday-Explosive Power (Olympic lifts and plyometrics), Wednesday and Thursday-Purified Power (Basic Squat, Deadlifts, Bench, Pull-up, Lunges, etc.), Friday and Saturday-Isolated Antogonist (Bicep-Tricep, Quad-Ham, Back-Chest, Calves-Shoulders, Abs-Low Back/Butt) All of this is progressively overloaded.

Recovery is the most important aspect. Sleep when I can, eat as much as possible, and monitor weight and strength often.

After the week is over, I realize…I need more sleep, I need to eat more, and I should drink less coffee.

Week 2-

Posing is stupid!

Posing is stupid!

The above lighting is crappy, not a true pic.

I need more food! Sleep is way better. This week is crazy hectic! I am training 90 clients. I am training Jesse Sadoff’s clients, and Michael Foster’s clients while they are on vacation. Overall great week! I ate everything I could on Thanksgiving Day, and gained a couple of useful pounds. I haven’t been keeping up with the calorie intake, so I am weighing in at 205 solid. I am working for 210 solid and a power clean of 315 pounds. My sleep is very consistent and helping me with my soreness, which is out of control. Looking forward to killing it in business and the gym next week. Only 4 more left until the beginning of a New Year!

Week 3- November 30 – December 6
My week started with not enough eating and no working out; however on Tuesday eating went as it should (about 3000 calories), but my scheduled got a bit tweaked and the workout fell to the wayside. I really wanted that workout too! Wednesday I will kill it. Explosive start and Power finish! Picture time Wednesday as well!

Dang! Sarah ran me through a pretty good workout! I don’t think she realizes how far I can be pushed; however, I will be very sore tomorrow! Thank you, Sarah. Here is the pic. My weight is 206 and I haven’t maxed my Power clean yet. 3 more weeks!

Lighting is better, but overhead lighting makes me look huge!

Lighting is better, but overhead lighting makes me look huge!


Join the Movement Revolution!

25 11 2008

Stand up and fight back!

Join me in the movement revolution…we are strong and we move all day every day. We win because we are the confident, courageous, unstoppable, healthy, and well!

I am talking about no more illness, crippled, obese, overweight, or sedentary humans. We were not here to be stagnant, rotting, sorry beings. We are here to MOVE!

Join me in the movement revolution. We will take a stand by being the example to all of those who are just merely desiring loss of fat, six packs, improved performance, reduced stress, hot looks, and sexy asses! We will overcome! We will be the action needed to manifest our success!

For more information call 714-469-9338 and say you are here to join the movement revolution!

Join the Movement Revolution!

Join the Movement Revolution!

What is the Current Innovative Results Special for Personal Training in Orange County?

25 11 2008

Can you feel the economic regression?

You deserve fat loss, a six pack, and/or performance improvements, and a break in your budget.

Innovative Results was voted best personal trainers in Orange County because we offer:
Free nutrition guidelines, coaching, and accountability with our personal training
The most comprehensive and practical workouts for fat loss, six packs, and performance improvement
Good-looking trainers who walk the talk in the fitness industry
Support and service with patience and a positive attitude

We will remain the number one trainers by adhering to the above while making smart business decisions.

So we have decided to initiate a holiday price which cuts the clients or potential clients a break in this economic trend while stimulating the growth of our company (and economy). If a client or potential client who desires fat loss, a six pack, or performance improvement brings a friend who desires the same thing(s), he or she is entitled to the price cut per session. This price can be further taken advantage of by signing for any desired amount of months, up to 24 months and no less than 1 month.

Enjoy the price break, and like always we will donate 1% to charity.

Our goal is to have 250 clients by New Year’s Eve. We will then be able to donate a minimum of $2,500.00 to a charity for the Month of November and December.

Get rid of your bodyfat before the Holidays ambush you.

Get rid of your bodyfat before the Holiday's ambush you.

WE are thinking this would be a nice Holiday gift for those in need.

Message From The Crossing’s Time Celek Hits Home For Innovative Results

25 11 2008

He said the difference between a dangerous church that really puts the love of Christ out there and a church that just follows the norm to barely get by is this: pain, risk, and loss.

Amazing message Tim! He captured my heart spiritually and motivated me in my business.

It is the same with a person who needs to lose weight, get healthy, and look good. There are a few ways you will know you are well on your way to the body, mind, and spirit you desire. The first is PAIN.

It will take some work, as well as it will take someone with the will to overcome obstacles, challenges, and uncertainty. In other words when the pain comes, you can either endure it, fix it, or run away, but let it be known if you run away it will only be more painful the next time. Worse yet, it will hurt a lot worse when you die physically, mentally, or spiritually from not changing. After pain is dealt with, it must also be known that risk is a huge part of the change.

Risk is when you go out on a limb to try something you have never done before to get something you’ve always wanted, you’ve never had, or you are trying to earn back. For some this means a coach, trainer, program, etc, and for all it means changing a lifestyle. Now the only thing left is loss.

Not only the loss of weight, but the possibility of losing a lifestyle, some friends who really weren’t friends, or worse yet your precious desserts (insert most desired lifestyle that currently keeps you down). These seem like good things and good loss, but I have witnessed many people revert back to their old ways, allowing the weight, low self-esteem, and lack of positivity creep back into their life. This is perhaps the worse of the three ways you know you are on the right track.

Get ready for some PAIN, RISK, and LOSS, and take the next step to get what you have always desired.

Thank you Tim and The Crossing for placing fruit in my life

Tim Celek working through his pain, risk, and loss.

Tim Celek working through his pain, risk, and loss.

Are you ready for SEXY?

9 11 2008


Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching

I live for success! My mantra of love, happiness, and abundance is lived out completely with success and fulfillment when I have accomplished a goal, met a challenge, or overcome defeat! Never has this happened more than when I watched my company get voted best personal trainers in Orange County. Jesse Sadoff from Irvine, CA and Michael Foster of Costa Mesa, CA are the other two personal trainers and nutrition coaches, whose success helped to make the company’s goal come true! Without the help of our most beloved Executive Administrator Andrea Muehlhaus of Huntington Beach, the success of our company would be much harder if not impossible to achieve.

If you are striving to look awesome/sexy/great and feel the same visit Innovative Results Website

If you want great trainers, who work M-F from morning until night go to either:
or Jesse

We are creators of success!

Press Release for the #1 Personal Trainers in Orange County

9 11 2008

Innovative Results, Inc. Voted Best Personal Trainers in Orange County

Innovative Results, Inc. takes the number one spot on myfoxla 2008 Best of the OC HOT LIST as the Best Personal Trainers in Orange County.

Issued By: Innovative Results, Inc.

Jun 25, 2008 17:24:52  


PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 25, 2008 – Innovative Results, Inc. takes the number one spot on myfoxla 2008 Best of the OC HOT LIST as the Best Personal Trainers in Orange County.

The myfoxla HOT LIST (www.myfoxla.com), a product of Fox LA News, is Southern California’s premier image-based guide to thousands of local businesses. The HOT LIST delivers the local perspective: hidden gems, neighborhood favorites, and honest advice from those who know their city best.

Aaron Guyett, President and CEO of Innovative Results, Inc., said of the victory:”We are extremely pleased and honored to be named best personal trainers, but not surprised.  The success of any personal trainer can only be measured by his or her clients.  It’s a goal-oriented business and as a former U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant I understand the hard work that goes into reaching your goals. I am here to support my clients and offer not just a gym program but a life plan that will lead to fulfillment.  The company’s motto is ‘love, happiness and abundance.’ As trainers, we focus on giving support and motivation to every client so they can achieve their goals.”  

Guyett notes the following factors why Innovative Results, Inc. is also the fastest growing personal training business in the county:

1. We offer innovative personal training and nutritional coaching that’s fine-tuned for every customer, allowing for maximum results in minimum time.  Each client’s program is designed with their individual goals in mind.  Everybody is different and nobody’s time or efforts are ever wasted;  

2. We don’t train like the traditional bodybuilders, we train movements and therefore create efficient humans with sexy bodies; and

3. We also give our clients innovative nutritional guidelines.  It’s not a strict adherence to specific foods; instead we work with each individual’s food journal to create modification for success.

He adds: “While it’s great to have this recognition because it means that our clients are happy, I won’t rest here.  My goal is to grow the company and continue to increase revenue while creating a great work environment for both my trainers and my clients.  My business model is very different from the traditional gym-membership model that cuts the customer loose after the initial sale.  They count on the failure of their customers, so the gym won’t get overcrowded, and they can sell more memberships. I want everyone to succeed because their success is a direct reflection on me.”  

Innovative Results, Inc. has plans to open three private training facilities in Orange County and eventually expand nationally.

Innovative Results, Inc. provides Health, Wellness & Peak Performance with Love Happiness & Abundance!

Phone:(714) 469-2654  City/Town:Irvine, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Laguna, Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo, Tustin, Santa Ana, Fullerton, Placentia, Huntington Beach, Corona Del Mar  State/Province:California  Zip:92614  Country:United States  Categories:Fitness, Health, Beauty  DSCF1799.jpg

Innovative Results Boot Camp-Fun with Orange Countys Best Personal Trainers in Orange County
Innovative Results’ Boot Camp-Fun with Orange County’s Best Personal Trainers in Orange County

Positive Affirmations

9 11 2008


I am successful. I have reached millions of people with love, happiness, and abundance.

I am unconscious competence. I am love, happiness, and abundance. I love this company. I am happy with the church and family this company has created.

I am love, happiness, and abundance. Love flows to me in waves everlasting. Happiness emanates from my core, and is reciprocated in every moment. Abundance reaches me in avalanches of circulating success. I am healthy, wealthy, and full of life!

I love you! I love life! Love has given me a beautiful and prosperous company! My success is global and unstoppable! Thank you!

The team of beautiful entities which creates my life, my business, and my success fills me with love, happiness, and abundance, while creating a stronger spiritual connection with God.

I am a success! I am success! Income, revenue, clients, cash, and financial abundance flows to me easily and abundantly! My life is awesome!

I am loving the financial wellness in my life and in the lives, which surround me!

I am happy for the wealth which is created in my life and in those around me!

I am loved and happy in my spirit, and this manifests success, wealth, and financial fruition in abundance!

My spirit is in constant bloom! This blossom is dripping a pollen so potent, that wherever it lands is a manifestation of love, happiness, and abundance. Love is the energy that flows through my being. Happiness is the radiation of the constant love-energy-flow. Abundance is created everytime an entity is touched with this powerful radiation of happiness formed from the love-energy-flow.

Love, Happiness, and Abundance

Love, Happiness, and Abundance