Aaron Guyett’s 6 Weeks to Ultimate Explosive Power, Strength, and Hot Body.

25 11 2008

This stemmed from an idea Corey Beasley had. “If we could show the clients and potential clients what can happen when someone focuses all of their efforts towards a clear goal, and make it real, maybe the people we care about will have an easier time doing the work.”

We all know there are obstacles, pitfalls, and life that happens on the way to our goals, and I will be sharing that as well. I run one of the most busy lifestyles I know. Very little sleep, a lot of social interaction, merging businesses, training clients, donation of time and money to the needy, and general help for friends. That being said, I know I have to make time to keep up with the latest and greatest on the single market. I not only want the physical edge, but the mental, emotional, and spiritual edge as well. Therefore, I work for it. Here is how it goes.

Week 1- November 16 – 22

Aaron out and ready for the 6 weeks to start!

Aaron out and ready for the 6 weeks to start!

The workout is a 6 day progression that I have never tried before. I start the week with Explosive Power (this is mostly form and nervous development), move into Pure Power (this is bio-chemical body enhancement through true physiological stress), and then I continue stress, overreaching/overtraining for a purpose through isolated muscular development. Everyday I work my full body, and the stress comes in twos. Monday and Tuesday-Explosive Power (Olympic lifts and plyometrics), Wednesday and Thursday-Purified Power (Basic Squat, Deadlifts, Bench, Pull-up, Lunges, etc.), Friday and Saturday-Isolated Antogonist (Bicep-Tricep, Quad-Ham, Back-Chest, Calves-Shoulders, Abs-Low Back/Butt) All of this is progressively overloaded.

Recovery is the most important aspect. Sleep when I can, eat as much as possible, and monitor weight and strength often.

After the week is over, I realize…I need more sleep, I need to eat more, and I should drink less coffee.

Week 2-

Posing is stupid!

Posing is stupid!

The above lighting is crappy, not a true pic.

I need more food! Sleep is way better. This week is crazy hectic! I am training 90 clients. I am training Jesse Sadoff’s clients, and Michael Foster’s clients while they are on vacation. Overall great week! I ate everything I could on Thanksgiving Day, and gained a couple of useful pounds. I haven’t been keeping up with the calorie intake, so I am weighing in at 205 solid. I am working for 210 solid and a power clean of 315 pounds. My sleep is very consistent and helping me with my soreness, which is out of control. Looking forward to killing it in business and the gym next week. Only 4 more left until the beginning of a New Year!

Week 3- November 30 – December 6
My week started with not enough eating and no working out; however on Tuesday eating went as it should (about 3000 calories), but my scheduled got a bit tweaked and the workout fell to the wayside. I really wanted that workout too! Wednesday I will kill it. Explosive start and Power finish! Picture time Wednesday as well!

Dang! Sarah ran me through a pretty good workout! I don’t think she realizes how far I can be pushed; however, I will be very sore tomorrow! Thank you, Sarah. Here is the pic. My weight is 206 and I haven’t maxed my Power clean yet. 3 more weeks!

Lighting is better, but overhead lighting makes me look huge!

Lighting is better, but overhead lighting makes me look huge!




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29 11 2008

Each week I will write a little bit more and I will put a pic to prove what’s up!

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