20 04 2010

Calling all photographers! I have a job for you this Saturday! Please message me ASAP. 🙂


19 04 2010

We are meant to be children of a heavenly Father, with a life that transcends everything that can be found in human culture or actual human nature.

19 04 2010

Does anyone have a trailer for a trip to Mexico, to help victims of sexual slavery?

19 04 2010

What would you accomplish today, if you knew you couldn’t lose?

14 04 2010

There is always a scapegoat, reason, excuse, or issue to not accomplish your goal(s), but what is your excuse TO accomplish your goal(s)?

13 04 2010

Who is behind the scenes, lurking in the shadows, plotting to see you succeed?

8 04 2010

Do you have a white or orange pop-up tent I can borrow for this Sunday? 🙂