The Genesis of PIVADRUM-Innovative Results and Aaron Guyett’s Technique for Successful Change

1 12 2008

Innovative Results’ & Aaron Guyett’s Spirit-The Hidden Solution to Endless Achievement

Aaron Guyett is one of the Nations Top Trainers, as said in Ms. Fitness Magazine

Aaron Guyett is one of the Nation's Top Trainers, as said in Ms. Fitness Magazine

Genesis is part one in an unknown number of literary pieces for Innovative Results’ and Aaron Guyett’s Spirit—The Hidden Solution to Endless Achievement. Genesis is the first book of the bible, giving account of the biblical Christian’s creation. It also means, the way in which something comes to be. I firmly believe the majority of the beings on earth (and possibly the beings in the universe) are blind to what is happening here and now. It seems everyone is fighting or struggling for a piece of the pie, when one need only relax and just be, creating peace and tranquility through thought and knowledge of self and the universe. Now, Genesis can take on a new meaning. One of new creation, formation, origination, and/or evolution of self in order to see and believe in the endless possibilities which are you.
Understanding the Concept
The hidden solution, code, mystery, or hidden source to success is to adjust one’s psycho-cybernetic mechanism through neural reconditioning by PIVADRUM, which creates cataclysmic change through creative streaming.
To achieve endless success or enlightened oneness with the source (energy, universe, god) or whatever else one may call it (infinite love, ultimate achievement, unlimited freedom, etc.) one need only look as far as oneself. Life and our interaction with life is created by our perception through an infinite source or being. This agrees with religion and science, god and the big bang, energy and universe. Simply put we and the things around we are energy and movement of this energy in a field of nothingness. This means the energy is either a creation of god or it is the movement from an infinite source called “the big bang.” No one can answer as to what was there before god or before the big bang, but I can try.
Only consciousness or an infinite thought without the constraints of time and space.
Why create physical manifestations with time and space, simple—why not? I cannot give you a thesis or a word that says it any better, and I think even if I devote my entire (limited) physical and (theoretically unlimited) spiritual life to this answer, I am guessing it wouldn’t come out any better. Now we can move on to oneself again.
Again I say, this limited physical life is only our perception. We are not our brain. We are not our body. We are not our superficial clothes, cars, properties, etc., but we do use this to define us to ourselves. If you think you will be successful when you own a Ferrari, then when you own a Ferrari, you will be successful. If you believe what someone else’s belief is for success, then you need only live up to his or her expectations. So I say let us define ourselves with endless possibilities—it is our birth right in this physical universe of time and space.
If that was amusing, then strap yourselves in for an even more interesting ride!
Psycho-Cybernetic Mechanism
One’s brain is a psycho-cybernetic mechanism, especially the part of the brain that is one’s subconscious. The subconscious controls most of what one does. If it did not most of us would be an inactive drooling mess concentrating on just moving from one place to another. Without even thinking consciously your brain performs a symphony of functions in a blink of an eye—digestion, blood pumping, breathing, scratching, balancing, dreaming, visualizing, reading, thought, answering, and much more—and that was just to answer a question posed on this paper. Why? Just try to imagine the processes one goes through on a daily basis. Now, knowledge of this is imperative for how to adjust one’s psycho-cybernetic mechanism. A cybernetic mechanism is a machine that creates homeostasis. Like a thermostat in a room, a cybernetic mechanism will perpetuate or try to perpetuate whatever is programmed into that machine. For instance if one programs a thermostat for 72 degrees, the thermostat will activate the heat or cooling for that room depending if the room is getting warmer or colder. The subconscious does this as well.
Think about what you eat for lunch as an example. If all one knows is fast food one’s body and brain will think about fast food lunches, prepare for fast food lunches, see fast food lunches, and eat fast food lunches until the psycho-cybernetic mechanism is changed to think, prepare, see, and eat a different type of lunch. So how would one change their psycho-cybernetic mechanism?
Neural Reconditioning
This is reconditioning the sub-conscious to think, prepare, see, and perform what one’s desired objective is. As an example think of the time when a new car is purchased, do you start seeing that car more often, or better yet, think about when you really want a new car. You haven’t even bought the new car, yet you start seeing it everywhere. Does this mean you created new cars in your head? No, but now your subconscious mind is looking for these cars, whereas before it was not needed information or programmed information for your subconscious.
Neural reconditioning is the creation of highly functioning, often used neural pathways inside your brain, which create certain chemicals and biological processes for the brain, forming a continually used thought or direction of thought. This neurological pathway should take the place of the other pathways and therefore atrophy the pathway which is not used. Using the example one would create a neurological web of pathways for the consumption of healthy foods bought from the store and made for lunch daily. This neural reconditioning can be formed in many ways, and is more successful if there is emotion and creative streaming (or different methods for differing senses). I have created a system called PIVADRUM, which includes as many angles as possible to reach the subconscious in repetition.
PIVADRUM is an acronym, which stands for Prayer (or Positive talk), Imagine, Visualize, Affirm and Declare, Recondition, Understanding (your current emotion/feeling), Meditate. I will show you the path, but you have to be the one that chooses to walk on it. I would love to talk about our PIVADRUM in our weekly interactions.
Prayer or Positive talk
This is a written, read, and said (OUT LOUD) intention in the present tense. It is usually expressed as a thank you or at least with gratitude. The prayer is broken into what you are thankful for, what you have done (which is really what you want to do), the reciprocation of values you want/have/give, why you do what you do, and ease of the process through oneness with the source of divinity (whatever you believe it to be). Here is one as an example:
I am grateful, thankful, and appreciative of every moment! I love life! I am thankful for my global business; my happy, loving, and abundant family; my knowledge and thirst for knowledge, which grows incrementally as time goes on. I have made many accomplishments! I love you; I am loved. I am happy for you; I am happy. I am happy you are abundant; I am abundant! I am love, happiness, and abundance! I live for myself, my family, and my business because I am remembered for the love, happiness, and abundance I give the universe. The universe reciprocates my contributions! The source is kind and gentle in the lessons for my life, and I am closer to the one that is the source: lord, god, energy, universe, life, love, force, unity.
Then I go into Imagine. This is where I imagine the endless or infinite possibilities of my life. It can be difficult, but I do it by seeing my standing with the ability to move in any direction, or I try to imagine that everything is made up of the same energy at a subatomic level, which can be changed by my mind’s/spirit’s thoughts.
Now, my favorite, time to Visualize, this is where I play a movie in my head, where I have the lead role, and I am in the future, doing the things I want to do and having the things I want to have. I would write mine down but it would take forever to explain because it has become so detailed. The more detailed the better, because your subconscious perceives it as real.
Affirm and Declare
Then I go through a few positive Affirmations and/or Declarations such as: I am love, happiness, and abundance (or I have it/give it). I am at one with the source. I have a strong body, mind, and spirit, which has unconscious competence (this is a new one! ), etc.
Recondition by writing it down
Now I write down whatever comes to my mind and then Recondition by reading it, or by looking at pictures/video/words of what I want/have/give. Even smelling familiar or similar smells associated with the objective.
To Understand, I just ask myself how I feel in the present moment, and then answer with whatever comes to mind (keeping it positive, even if something bad is going on): I feel excited, loved, energized, and satisfied! or I feel grateful that I have an opportunity to achieve love, happiness, abundance in this moment and in the future. (Thus recognizing the present moment isn’t going well, but knowing that without it I would not be human and achieving success wouldn’t be satisfying.
The last step is to Meditate. It could be three cleansing breaths long or for an hour at a time. I use one of two different methods. Either I focus on my breathing for about 12-20 breaths trying to “cleanse and strengthen” my body and mind with each breath or I use Holosync, which is a technology putting your brain in an Alpha, theta, or delta wave-state (for more info check out

Every item above should be performed with extreme emotion (notably positive), which will help the neural connections fuse faster, and become larger. (just like traumatic events can create massive mind issues, like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or winning records) All of this takes about 5-20 minutes (or an hour plus with Holosync) depending on my time available and the detail I use for the different methods.
Have fun with PIVADRUM a few times a day (four is a great number: once in the morning when waking, twice in the afternoon, and once right before bed) and I can’t wait to hear about your progress!