Christin Pertel’s Week in Review

25 11 2008

Mon 11/17
Hard to plan food for a day when its 14 hours long. Best thing is to have ready to eat meals (ie. nurtisystem, Lean Cuisine) I work at a restaurant so its easy to get fresh fruit and salad, also to eat crap. I keep busy and don’t hang out in the kitchen or server station.
Total calories for the day: 965

Tue 11/18
Over coming the I cant’s. I can’t drink, I can’t go out with friends, I can’t eat all the things I want. These are all things that hold you back. Feeling them is normal, but letting them rule your thoughts is counter productive. For “I can” have a great body, I can enjoy life more, I can do amazing things.
Total calories for the day: 1,215

Wed 11/19
I work hard, make healthy choices, and am completely happy with how perfect this moment is.
Today’s weight: 186 down 9lbs
Total calories for the day: 1,280

Thurs 11/20
Today is hard. I started a week ago and I’m doing well, but have frustrations with wanting do eat along with my boyfriend and roommate. They don’t always eat healthy, and I can’t make them. This journey is mine and I can’t force anyone to get on-board. What I can, have, and will continue to do is lead by example and hope to inspier them and others to want to change their lives.
Total calories for the day: 1,289




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