Questions About the Last Little Bit of Fat

25 11 2008


Rita Wilds showing off for Innovative Results

Rita Wilds showing off for Innovative Results

From: Anonymous
Date: Sep 13, 2008 8:12 AM


I just read your blog about success….
loooooved it!

I am a BIG believer that if you can dream, vision it….anything is possible! Great Job on achieving your vision!!

Anywhooo….Aaron…I need some advice, man….

I attend a gym right now and CAN NOT seem to get rid of the last 15 lbs I have been dying to get rid of.

I think I have plateaued. AND, have gotten discouraged about
After we got back from a two week vacation/no sleep(We stopped in Idaho!I hadnt been back in 10 years!!)
I was exhausted from the trip and needed to get our daughter and me used to her new Kindergarten schedule….Now,it has been at least two weeks since I have been in the gym AND lets not forget the 2 weeks of vacation….for a grand total of 4 WEEKS that I have not been to the gym…..which is crazy for me. I love the way it makes me feel. Now that everyone is good with the new schedule I will drop off Van at school and head to the gym….

What can I do to get over that plateau?
I LOVE high impact and enjoy pushing myself…But what am I doing wrong that I cant lose that extra weight??
Any advice, Aaron!?



I will give you my top three pieces of advice…

1. forget about the 15 lbs.
Do you look good? Do you feel good? Are you healthy? These are important. Some symbols on a scale should never control you thoughts.
2. Discipline
Four weeks is a long time…not to worry though, you will adapt and overcome, because of your attitude. Stay positive about it, and don’t ever say I can’t lose the 15lbs again (you actually had CAN NOT in caps above). Think, “I have just been given the opportunity to lose some bodyfat,” making you an even more efficient and even hotter human being! 🙂
3. Recovery with fuel
Is your eating going with or against your work in the gym. Are you eating 4-6 meals per day that do not exceed the amount of calories you burn every day? Are you eating the foods that will give you maximum efficiency or are they foods that only give immediate “feel good” reactions? Is your sleep and water intake in amounts that create a healthy environment for your fitness to make the impact you are desiring? If not, analyze, improve, and control.

I really hope this helps. If you need more help, I could help you find a professional in your area. 🙂 Look forward to Innovative Results online training and nutrition site. You can also check out while you wait for our site to be developed.




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