Christin Pertel’s Story

25 11 2008

OC Trainer in Training

my name is Christin Pertle I’m 27 years old and I have lost 70 pounds, and for years I have struggled with being comfortable in my own skin, not really knowing where I belong. I’ve yo-yoed my weight; I’ve been the center of attention, and the fat friend. Too long have I sat back because I didn’t think I was good enough, or pretty enough, and now I want to go up to the mountain top a declare that I am here, worship me.
How do I start??? It’s amazing to me that all my life I’ve been fighting my weight and now I finally feel like my outsides are matching my insides. I look back to my school years, how I was always made fun in elementary and Jr. High, that’s were they called me “Free Willy”. People that didn’t even know me would come up and say it. I never understood. I wasn’t the biggest girl, I wasn’t mean to anyone, just an easy target I guess. Since I was a kid I was involved in sports like soccer, and softball, I danced, did colorguard and theater, but I loved food just a little too much. I always had extra weight on me. My mom always tried to get me to eat less and lose weight, but I wasn’t motivated enough. When I got to high school I still was getting made fun of, but I didn’t care, I was on a world class colorguard and was accepted because I was great at it. But I got pressure to lose weight, so I started Phen-Fen my freshmen year and lost 30 pounds, but summer came and I gained some of it back. So I tried it again, and Atkins, and herbalife, and Lindora. With Lindora my junior year I lost 35 pounds and weight 165Lbs, and I was able to hold that through my senior year. I was POPULAR. Everyone knew me, everyone loved me, I was voted most inspirational, I was 5’9.5″, 165lbs with a dancer’s body but I STILL thought I was too big. I look at pictures from that time and I was gorgeous, sexy even, and it saddens me that I couldn’t be happy with my body. After I graduated I got a job at Disney, but I wasn’t dancing, I wasn’t working out, but you bet your ass I was eating like I was. You name it I ate it, and I gained till I was 250 pounds. It sucked, I had a personality that could light a room, the coy sex drive of a throbbing mattress kitten, but the body of a tele-tubby a well proportioned tele-tubby but still a tele-tubby so I started Kaiser’s liquid diet, going to the gym, and performing theater in college. IT SUCKED. I can barely describe how horrific a liquid diet is. At work I would go up to my friends at lunch and ask to smell their food. Sad. The only good thing is I lost 45Lbs, fast. But sadly with in 2 years I gained it all back and more. I went all the way up to 265Lbs (Lets here it for the yo-yo). When I ripped a pair of pajama pants and I knew I had hit rock bottom. So this time I did it, and did it right. For the last two years I have been going to Innovative Results with a personal trainer named Aaron whom I love (at first twice a week and building up to five). I did Lindora for the first eight months, then ate right on my own (most of the time), and after I lost 70Lbs I got a tummy tuck on January 16, 2007 because of all the extra skin I had. After I healed I went back to the gym and have been going five days a weed and loving it… well as much as you can love an ex-marine working you out. It’s now been a little more than a since my surgery, I’m just 22 pounds away from my goal weight, and I’m SO happy, I’m stronger than ever, looking better than ever, and I’m learning to love my new body. And with my new found love of working out I’ve found my new inspiration to become a personal trainer myself. I can’t wait to inspire people to become a better “you”.

I couldn’t have done it though without some very special people in my life. My best friends Heather, Melissa, and Jeff, who saw me lose and gain more than 200Lbs over the years, and supported me no matter what. Friends who let me cry on their shoulders, yell and scream about every thing (because you know a girl on a diet gets a little bitchy), and still wanted to be my friend. My trainer Aaron, who without his special brand of motivation and love, I would of quit a long time ago. And my most of all, my boyfriend Scott. Before him I never thought that I could have someone that I didn’t have to hid my insecurities from, or lower my standers for. Through the last three years I have learned how great he and life can really be. I know now that he loves ME… ME, not just my body. He loves my mind, my personality, my strength, and it doesn’t matter what size I am, I know he loves me no matter what I look like.




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