Positive Affirmations

9 11 2008


I am successful. I have reached millions of people with love, happiness, and abundance.

I am unconscious competence. I am love, happiness, and abundance. I love this company. I am happy with the church and family this company has created.

I am love, happiness, and abundance. Love flows to me in waves everlasting. Happiness emanates from my core, and is reciprocated in every moment. Abundance reaches me in avalanches of circulating success. I am healthy, wealthy, and full of life!

I love you! I love life! Love has given me a beautiful and prosperous company! My success is global and unstoppable! Thank you!

The team of beautiful entities which creates my life, my business, and my success fills me with love, happiness, and abundance, while creating a stronger spiritual connection with God.

I am a success! I am success! Income, revenue, clients, cash, and financial abundance flows to me easily and abundantly! My life is awesome!

I am loving the financial wellness in my life and in the lives, which surround me!

I am happy for the wealth which is created in my life and in those around me!

I am loved and happy in my spirit, and this manifests success, wealth, and financial fruition in abundance!

My spirit is in constant bloom! This blossom is dripping a pollen so potent, that wherever it lands is a manifestation of love, happiness, and abundance. Love is the energy that flows through my being. Happiness is the radiation of the constant love-energy-flow. Abundance is created everytime an entity is touched with this powerful radiation of happiness formed from the love-energy-flow.

Love, Happiness, and Abundance

Love, Happiness, and Abundance




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