Skydiving is the shhh….

8 11 2008

Aaron Guyett and John Madden on the ground!

This is written by the CEO of Innovative Results (Orange County’s #1 Personal Trainers) Aaron Guyett. He enjoys life just as much as he can, and he wants his team and his clients to enjoy it too!

As I perch myself on plane’s door, outside of the plane. The wind wants to rip you off in its unforgiving way, but I won’t stand for that. I hold my grip tight looking at nothing, taking in everything. Life has a way of not existing in these tiny moments. Every thought is fleeting, and every second is booming. Time slows, noise is gone, senses are on overload, and then you release.


As I drove down to San Diego for another ultimate thrill. I think only good thoughts and I get a roller-coaster of excitement, anticipation, anxiety, and humorous comments from John Madden. Every time at about the toll road we exchange thoughts about relationships, love, forgiveness, getting over someone, and living free. This is the reality of our lives, but we know where we are headed is the ultimate reality, which creates the ultimate thrill. WE do something few have ever tried and most will never do. We cheat death, and laugh at ourselves the whole time. It is time for our medicine and the prescription is thrill.


Weightlessness consumes my body, and the wind and velocity from the plane pulls me in a forward direction, while simultaneously gravity has such a strong power over me, that I begin my plummet to the earth. Earth is surreal from this perspective, but soon it becomes a real perception of my mind, creeping steadily closer and growing incrementally bigger. I do a few maneuvers in the air, always astounded at how well the wind whips me into strange positions. This is called inexperience, but I am learning the ways of wind manipulation more on each jump. This wind and human relationship is my only sense of control, besides the sweet little hackie hanging close to my right butt cheek. I notice the ground becoming detailed and look to my left hand for altitude, noticing it is probably time for me to wave off and pull.




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