8 11 2008

Pic of Aaron in normal lifeAaron Guyett wrote this at the beginning of 2008. He had just gone through a lot of life issues, but it is interesting to point out, that now nearing the end of 2008, he had a pretty good run. He partied in New Orleans, Orange County, San Diego, LA, Moscow Russia, and South Padre Island; his business grew enormously with a couple of strategic position changes; he sailed the Caribbean; he did charity work in India; and lastly he got to be a part of the best personal trainers, the best team, and have the best friends in the world! Thank you and enjoy the thoughts he had earlier this year:

I sit in an excited, anxious, and rollercoasting heap of thoughts. I cannot wait to see how this year pans out. I have many exciting opportunities, and many real issues intertwined to give my experience a run for its money. I truly await in great anticipation, and find it hard to just be. I am all about living in the present tense, but with this much commotion it is hard to concentrate on now, focus on here, and let it just be.

I relay these thought to help me generate a foothold on which I can begin to create my presence and my being. I love that I feel good about life, I feel love, and I am happy about the impending creations. I give it all to the Universe, while becoming action of now and pursuer of there. Let the space-time continuum run its course to my imminent success, and life of love, happiness, and abundance.

I am appreciative of your listening, and I am thankful and grateful to you for letting me rant and rave into organization. You are rad. 

With Aaron’s mental and kinesthetic training, it is no wonder he was proclaimed as one of the Nation’s top personal trainers.




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