Is Your Personal Trainer Certified or Qualified?

8 11 2008

Being a personal trainer nationally certified or not, means absolutely dna-123nothing. In 49 out of 50 states all you need is a heart beat to call yourself a personal trainer. In 50 out of 50 states you can become a “nationally certified” personal trainer for less than $400 and one weekend class. Only 2 of the 500+ certification bodies require a college degree to take their exam and the degree doesn’t even need to be in a related field.

At the same time, it takes over 1500 supervised hours, a state board exam, and a state license to cut someone’s hair in California. Electricians must complete 1600 supervised internship hours, a state board exam, and a state license in order to legally wire an electric socket in my house. But, someone responsible for another person’s health and fitness doesn’t even need a high school diploma!

Most certifications don’t even test their graduates on personal training skills. The majority of large certifications are done entirely on the internet or in test taking centers. These trainers get a piece of paper stating they are certified, yet they may have never trained one single person. Hiring a personal trainer has become like playing Russian roulette with your fitness.

Ok, enough with the trainer bashing… how do you find a good, qualified trainer? First of all, if you decide to hire a trainer, please keep in mind that the best they can ever do is guide you, and help you find your own internal motivation. Secondly, you only want to work with someone who will educate, empower and set you free.

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