Personal Trainers: Better in Orange County?

4 11 2008

Almost everyone, at some point, has wanted a personal trainer or at least wondered what they do. Since Orange County is the mecca for sports, organic nutrition, looking good, and movie stars, you would think that the best you could get is an Orange County Personal Trainer.

Why the best in OC?

This is somewhat true. Obviously there are personal trainers everywhere, but they get a lot of attention here in Orange County and LA because of the heightened awareness of health and a demanding urge to always look your best on the beach. The weather year round allows short skirts and no shirts.

Orange county has also become very popular in the past decade with all the reality shows and tv sitcoms dedicated directly to the lavish and sexy “oc life”: The OC, Laguna Beach, The Hills,

What about Hollywood?

Also, hollywood has brought a lot of attention to personal trainers because of their demand to get actors into top peak physical shape for certain roles: everyone in Gladiator, Brad Pitt in Troy and several other movies like fight club. These actors are a true testament that some personal trainers know what they are doing and can get serious results.

Here is Brad all ripped up in Fight Club.

Brad Pitt prepared for his role in Troy as Achilles by hiring a personal trainer for six months at the cost of $5,000 a week. That totals about 400% of the average income in America! These guys know that if they want results they will pay for it. Most people I know freak out about paying $500 a month for someone to completely change their lifestyle and possibly save their life.

Mark Twight, owner of Gym Jones, trained all of the men for the movie 300. Here is what he had to say about the training:

“Hard dieting. High reps. Heavy loads. Intense total body training. Great results. Train for performance and appearance follows. Nothing “magical” or “Hollywood” about it. And it’s the type of training anyone looking to improve their physique should be aiming towards – total body metabolic work.”

So did his training styles work…



Truly the best…
Bottom line is that Orange County is the absolute mecca for health and good looks. If you are a local resident then you have the best options for finding an exceptional guide to help you hit your goals.

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